Soft-Starter (Single Faced)


No more GBEGE with PHCN!

Power unusual loads such as electric iron on your ‘I beta pass my neighbour” generator. You can also use the device to reduce the number of units consumed on your prepaid-meter when you power such loads. It is energy efficient, safe, reliable, durable and economical.



Soft-Starter is an electronic device that enable users to power unusual loads such as electric iron, toasting machine, etc., on their power generating set; even on the popularly called “I beta pass my neighbour” generator. It helps to suppress the power drawn by such load on your generator thereby creating more room to power other equipment efficiently.

It also helps to cut down your power bill when used on PHCN prepaid meter. You use lesser units as compared to when you power your appliance directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 60 mm
Electrical Data

Input Voltage: 200-240VAC, Rated Power (max.): 1500W, Operating Frequency: 50Hz, Efficiency: 85%


Electric Iron, Electric Kettle, Toasting Machine, Boiling Ring, Hand Dryer, Electric Stove, Other resistive loads < 1500W

Power Sources

Diesel Engine Generator, Petrol Engine Generator, Gas Engine Generator, Solar Power System, Inverter

Minimum Generator Requirement

850VA Power Output

4 reviews for Soft-Starter (Single Faced)

  1. Terry

    Can it be also used for an inverter?

  2. Terry

    Can it also be used for a inverter?

    • admin

      Yes, it can.

  3. Obi Kester

    refrigirator nko?

    • admin

      The Sabre soft-starter works for that.

  4. Jarudeon

    Can my tiger 950 gen carry load of 2000w with this equipment?

    • admin

      No. 2000W will be an overload.

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